We have been working in medical and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. Our team consists of both experienced experts from the pharmaceutical and medical industry, as well as entrepreneurs with evidenced successes in business development.

Years of experience and established contacts on the domestic market gives us a strong position in the future negotiations. Based on a foreign market analysis , provided every time, we are able to prepare a perfectly suited offer for any country.

We currently import disposable medical equipment and pharmaceutical products from Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Iraq and we export products to Russia, China, Germany,United Arab Emirates Republic of South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, and to the Iraq. Our ambition is Polish and European products to be common and highly valued also in other countries all over the world (mainly South America, African countries and former Soviet bloc countries) offering the best price-quality ratio as possible. We specialize in the import and distribution of products to healthcare more affordable for everyone with cutting the high cost for healthcare worldwide.

We work only with the largest and most respected and well known companies in a given branch of medicine and pharmacy. We offer a professional analysis of the market and if needed, we are able to calculate the monthly / quarterly / yearly demand for a given medical and pharmaceutical product. We negotiate with institutions and representatives of the private sector in a commissioned country. We are able to negotiate the most favourable financial conditions, usually with 100% prepayment and short delivery period. Having access to several sources of similar products, we are able to ensure continuity in deliveries and insure long-term cooperation. If a customer is interested in not only in the export of products, but also in the partial relocation of an assembly or production line, we are able to provide cost optimization in terms of location, construction, assistance in obtaining tax concessions, safety and control of a given technology. We can lead the company through the entire path or enable participation in specific, selective stages of negotiations and orders.

We provide personal, close supervision by our experts to implement a given project, at each stage of the project. We strongly believe that good business relations are the most important and that is why we always make sure that everyone involved in the project achieve their goals and that everyone is satisfied with the final results.

  • Country market analysis
  • Establishment of the market demand
  • Competitive companies analysis on the local market
  • Valuation of the real value of the product that is considered to be exported Determining the product or equipment margins
  • Establishing a list of documents, including registration, necessary certificates and assistance in getting them
  • Price negotiations with governments representatives, ministries and private entrepreneurs
  • Logistics and shipping
  • Ensuring safety in emerging markets in the form of government or banking assurances.
  • Product rebranding with establishing the name of the brand that could be identified with the local market
  • Assistance by introducing new solutions in accordance with the CE certificates and guidelines
  • Participation in medical events such as conferences etc.
  • Assistance in emerging on the local market thanks to a network of pharmacies or hospitals connected and cooperating with BC-Export.
  • Renegotiation of already concluded contracts
  • Increased turnover with orders
  • Audit of abroad representation of a company in terms of meeting the expectations of employers and fulfilling the intended activities and goals.
  • Designing and carrying out clinical and experimental trials or testing medical devices as well as pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Export costs optimization
  • Order maintenance and coordination
  • Lobbying with business partners
  • Transparent commissionability


• Medical products such as drugs - ensuring sales through export to the destination country; possible assembly line of a given manufacturer based on its technology, branding of a given importer, other business models.
• Medical devices, supplements and cosmetics - export and enabling direct contacts with the distributor in a given country


  • Disposable medical equipment
    sale and / or production line
  • Reusable medical equipment
    sale and / or production line
  • Medical devices
    sales, training, certification
  • BConstruction of hospitals
    from A to Z
  • Equipping medical and pharmaceutical facilities
    With all equipment in accordance with the directives and applicable laws in the given country


• Hospitals

• Production halls

• Pharmaceutical companies

• Road

• Stadiums

• Others


  • Polfa Tarchomin
  • Alfa Pharma GmbH
  • Alium Group - Sistema holding
  • SR FarmaLife Pvt Ltd
  • ApoLek sp. zoo
  • Boa-Vida
  • AQ Skinsolutions
  • Symedic
  • AQ Poland
  • Kurylsky
  • Future Human Factory - FHF (Poland)
  • Impression sp. zoo
  • VOGT Medical
  • Projex International Inc.
  • Emeco Budownictwo
  • Optima Natura
  • SMT Health Solutions (RSA)
  • QuantuMDx Group Limited (UK)
  • Vivachek (USA/China)


    BC-Export Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.
    Pulawska 488 st.
    02-884 Warsaw, Poland
    Mobile: +48 698 399 999
    Mobile: +48 501 845 544
    Mail: office@bc-export.com
    NIP: 951-249-53-92
    REGON: 38507564300000
    KRS: 0000818839
    Bank Details: CityBank


    Payments in Euro: IBAN: PL 91 1030 0019 0109 7806 0107 9800

    Payments in Dollar: IBAN: PL 46 1030 0019 0108 4006 0113 7715

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